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Fil X is passionate about 3D printing and has developed a range of filaments to suit any project.

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Fil X

At Fil X we offer you the full solution – from off the shelf 3D filament to specialized mixes and colours. We enjoy collaborating with our clients to materialize their dreams, ideas and projects. Through inhouse tooling and manufacturing, we are able to combine various materials and have the facilities to test these prototypes to ensure they suit your needs. As such, we can also customize colours to match your requirements.

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Filament Alphabet Soup

PLA, ABS, SBS, ASA – what does it all mean? Often finding the right filament to print your 3D design is quite overwhelming and frustrating. Fil X is here to help you sift through the alphabet soup and provide you with the material and advice you need to take your prints to the next level.

What’s new in the FDM world?

Keep up to date with what is happening at Fil X in our News Room. Here, we will update you on the latest product launches, current collaborations, latest suppliers and all sorts of other interesting titbits. You can also follow us on Facebook for your regular “Fil X Fix”!

“I just want to thank you guys for the excellent service and product you provide. I asked for a vibrant red PLA and they delivered. Love printing with your PLA and SBS.”


“Dankie! Dit is impressive filament en print ongelooflik maklik!”


“Go to these guys if you need 3D printing filament for outstanding quality and service! Brake levers for a bicycle with your PLA.”