How it all started

As avid 3D printers themselves, Nico and Dominique van Reenen registered Fil X (PTY) LTD as a filament extrusion company in 2020 to provide the FDM 3D printing community with a wide variety of polymer and colour choices at affordable prices.

We are continuously developing new and exciting products for engineers, artists and everyone inbetween.

Striving for innovative and easy to print 3D filament, Fil X loves to collaborate with clients with various needs to produce filament to their specific requirements. Having their own inhouse tool-making facility, Fil X can develop their products from start to finish under one roof, allowing them to play around with more exotic polymers such as nylons and flexibles too.

Our testing and quality control is quite simple – we use an old Ender 2 printer, and if he can do it, any printer can!

In the 3D filament industry, clients are often handed material to then having to adjust their own 3D printer to suit the material. Fil X takes a different approach, manufacturing its filament to suit the printer, thereby taking out the guess-work for the end-users.

This makes Fil X 3D filament one of the easiest filaments to print with for any skill level.


With Nico’s 27 years of experience in the plastic profile extrusion and conversion industry, producing with almost all polymer types, it was an easy decision to start extruding 3D filament. With the experience of previously being production manager, logistics manager and quality manager for a global automotive tier 1 manufacturer, Nico has the vast knowledge needed to produce efficiently, effectively and most importantly to specification. As IATF16949/ISO9001 quality management representative in the automotive industry, allowance for deviations are minute and often non-existent. It is for this reason, that Fil X can guarantee the quality and consistency of their products.


Dominique’s warm nature and eye for detail ensures clients receive fantastic customer service and the support they need. With her history as porcelain doll maker for 7 years, Dominique knows exactly what to look out for and does not compromise on quality. Her background in renovating and up-cycling furniture allowed her to interact with people from all walks of life selling her goods at various markets. Raising their two boisterous boys, Dominique has mastered many skills leaving any customer in excellent hands. Whether you are looking for an off-the-shelf product or something a little more unique, Dominique will be able to guide you through the various options with ease and clarity, leaving you confident in your next 3D print project.

Our Values

People First

We are here to make your 3D dreams come to life by ensuring you have the best product for the job. Let’s collaborate!


Our automotive quality control background where tolerances are high and quality control is key enable us to deliver high-quality products consistently.


Listening to our clients’ needs and developing new and exciting 3D filament is what we do best! Be it Nylon, PETG or TPR – let’s find what works best for your project.


27 years of plastic extrusion and conversion using various polymers is the secret recipe to our fantastic filament.

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